19 December

A selection of the day’s most important news and articles relating to the Baltic Rim

We meant the Baltic Rim

Single-use plastics: Presidency reaches provisional agreement with Parliament
The EU is taking action to reduce plastic pollution by setting tough new restrictions on certain single-use plastic products. The presidency of the Council today reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on a new directive which is part of the EU’s efforts to protect the environment and reduce marine litter. – European Council / Council of the European Union

EU tackles plastic and other waste ending up in the sea: Council approves agreement on port reception facilities
The EU is combating the dumping into the sea of plastic, derelict fishing gear and other rubbish from ships by providing incentives for ships to discharge their waste in ports. – European Council / Council of the European Union

Lithuania to buy LNG vessel, import LNG until at least 2044
Lithuania has given the go ahead to state-owned Klaipedos Nafta to purchase a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage vessel by late 2024, as it shores up energy supplies and reduces its reliance on Russian natural gas. – Reuters

“Climate change a major market distortion”: Central Bank forecasts slowing economic growth
The current faster-than-anticipated growth in employment will be temporary, the Bank of Finland said in a seasonal forecast. – YLE

Poland seeks contractor for LNG terminal expansion
The operator of Poland’s only liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on Wednesday tendered for a contractor to oversee a 50 percent expansion in its capacity by 2021. – Reuters

E-Residency 2.0: Paradigm shift, hidden in bland new white paper
The e-Residency programme introduced its new white paper on Tuesday, outlining the next steps to be taken in Estonia’s extension of its state services to non-physical residents. While the paper itself is rather on the bland side, offering little new information, the implications are in fact considerable, as two of the programme’s masterminds explained to ERR News. – ERR News

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