No pebble unturned

Foreground | US officials have been studying how a divisive mining project would affect its environs

Pebble before your thoughts (Photo: Erin McKittrick)

Kevin McGwin

On 22 Feb, the US Army Corps of Engineers, a federal agency responsible for America’s waterways, releases its draft environmental impact assessment of the proposed Pebble Mine, in southern Alaska.

The draft is compiled of input received from the public during a three-month public-hearing process that began on 1 Apr 2018. The impact assessment looks at the effect the mine will have, and seek to propose alternatives.

After the draft EIS is released, the public will have 90 days to submit comments. During that time, the Army Corps of Engineers expects to hold further meetings for public comment. One good turn precedes another.

For more information about the Pebble project, please see Taking the Pebble by the horn.

When: 22 Feb
WWW: Pebble Project EIS

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