A pride of the North

Foreground | Rovaniemi shows that there is no shortage of Pride in the Arctic

Been there, done that, got the hash tag

Kevin McGwin

This week, the parade comes to the Arctic, when Rovaniemi, Finland, holds Arctic Pride. Pride is short for ‘gay pride’, and the activities held during what is typically a week-long festival celebrate LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) culture.

Activities, which culminate with a parade, tend to be ebullient, though some address weightier issues relevant to these groups, such as discrimination and other problems with being accepted by society at large.

Originally a big-city thing, Pride activities are now found in most cities and towns. In the Arctic, Kiruna (which also hosts Sápmi Pride), Nuuk, Anchorage are on the list of cities where the event is regularly held. Tromsø also bills its festival as ‘Arctic Pride’, though it holds it in November. The Finns, then, can claim that they were queer first.

When: 25 Feb-3 Mar
Where: Rovaniemi, Finland
WWW: Arctic Pride (Rovaniemi)

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