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Foreground | A Greenland food cluster sits down at the table

From water to wallet

Kevin McGwin

There was a time when food was something you ate. Today, depending on whom you ask, it is an essential element of any one of a number of industries, most notably tourism, but also things like healthcare and research, apparently. To keep track of all the ways that what we eat can be something others can live off, the Sermersooq Business Council, which seeks to promote growth and investment in the region of Greenland that includes Nuuk, has established a ‘food cluster’.

Appetising as that sounds, it is in fact, a grouping of businesses working in a similar subject area. The benefit of getting everyone to sit around the same table, literally as well as figuratively, the idea goes, is that it spurs innovation, strengthens networks that can lead to commercial partnerships and, ultimately, leads to growth.

This week, Nerisa – Arctic Food Cluster, holds its second meeting of the year. In the group’s own words, the initial goal, in keeping with the food metaphor, is to harvest the low-hanging fruit by making sure local businesses and others who deal professionally with food are not working at cross purposes. From there, it hopes to expand its activities to the national level and, later internationally. Hence the choice of a name that is palatable at home as well as abroad.

When: Mar 6
Where: Nuuk, Greenland
WWW: Sermersooq Business Council

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