Walking on Thin Ice: A Balanced Arctic Strategy for the EU

Press release from the European Political Strategy Centre

As global warming causes the central Arctic Ocean’s ice to melt at an unprecedented rate, never has the region’s importance for human and planetary survival been clearer.

But the changing Arctic environment is also opening lucrative new opportunities for resource extraction, transport and connectivity, resulting in increased economic – and military – activity in the region, both from the Arctic Circle countries – most prominently Russia – and new players such as China.

‘Walking on Thin Ice: A Balanced Arctic Strategy for the EU’ argues that, against this backdrop, the EU must step up its engagement with Arctic states and other stakeholders. Stronger coordination of European Arctic policies and a clearer definition of the rules of the game are needed now more than ever in order to ensure the peaceful and sustainable development of the Arctic.

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Date of publication: 19 July 2019

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