Who cares if we caused climate change? (Arctic Alien)

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Published by Arctic Alien
8 Jan 2020
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My son was born in northern Australia but he’s lived almost half of his young life in Greenland. He sees changes all around him – both in the Arctic environment he is immersed in and in the tropics he left behind. And, being highly cognizant of climate change discussions, he worries, aged ten, for the children he already hopes to have one day.

For the past couple of months, his Australian home has been burning. The wild fire season is unlike anything experienced in recorded history. In what is not yet the hottest part of the year, the fires – visible from space – have already burned an area about the size of Austria, larger than Scotland, larger than Maine. In a recent brief reprieve from the staggering mid forty degree Celsius temperatures and strong winds, a fire chief noted to the press that firefighters would take the opportunity to regroup and try to bring some of the 15,000 kilometres of fire front under control. Fifteen thousand kilometres is almost the distance from London to Sydney.

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