One advantage of not having a car (Arctic Alien)

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Published by Arctic Alien
22 Jan 2020
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Our son still laments the loss of dad’s ‘fast car’ that we had to leave behind in Australia when we moved to Greenland. He loved cruising around in the back of that convertible, basking in the warm southern sun, blond hair blowing in the breeze. But moving to Greenland meant leaving it behind. It’s one of the number of things he has not quite forgiven us for. For the past five years we haven’t had a car – a boat, yes, but a car, no. Sometimes, when the wind is blasting tiny ice crystals into your eyeballs as you wait for the bus in the freezing cold, having a car seems quite appealing. But when one considers that our typical commute time is about fifteen minutes, with less than five minutes walk to the bus stop, and that the buses are remarkably reliable and punctual, arguments for having a car seem a little self indulgent.

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