Call for abstracts for the Migration in the North 2020 Conference

Press release from the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

The Future of the Arctic Human Population: Migration in the North Conference takes place in Rovaniemi, Finland on 28–29 May 2020. This will be the first ever conference on (im)migration in the cap of the north that is a part of series of activities of UArctic Thematic network on Arctic Migration.

The first conference day consists panel discussions of policy makers and business sector. The second day is science-orientated and consists scientific presentations and panel discussion.

The call for abstracts for the conference is open by 29 February 2020. The topics include:

1. Gender and migration in the arctic
2. Immigrants and the labour markets in the North
3. The role of mass media in the integration of immigrants
4. Cooperating the stateless
5. Growing arctic cities, shrinking arctic cities, melting arctic cities
6. Local languages, education: Integration of adult and youth
7. Outward migration from the arctic

More information about the abstract call and the conference can be found on the conference website:

The conference is organized by the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland in cooperation with UArctic Thematic network on Arctic Migration and several partners.

More information:

Conference website:

Kalle Autti, conference coordinator
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Date of publication: 20 Jan 2020

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