Finding parallels to the Arctic in Borneo (Cryopolitics)

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Published by Cryopolitics
23 Jan 2020
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I spent last week in the decidedly non-Arctic location of Borneo. It’s the third largest island in the world, following Greenland and nearby New Guinea. Whereas Greenland is covered in ice, Borneo is covered in rainforest. In fact, the tropical island is home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests: 140 million years old – twice as ancient as the Amazon. Their lengthy existence is a major reason why Borneo has such staggering biodiversity. Creatures like chevrotains (“mouse-deers”) and clouded leopards roam the thickly wooded hillsides, though in decreasing numbers. And where the Arctic has the polar bear, Borneo has the sun bear. The two species can be traced to a common ancestor a couple of hundred thousands years ago. Like its distant northern cousin, the sun bear is losing its habitat, but due to deforestation rather than climate change.

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