SPIDER-2 successfully launched into the aurora

Press release from the Swedish Space Corporation

After months of planning the SPIDER-2 rocket successfully lifted off from Esrange Space Center into the aurora dancing in the midnight sky.

SPIDER-2 was launched on 19 February at 23:14 UTC (00:14 on 20 February local time) with a one-stage rocket reaching an altitude of about 120 kilometers. On board were experiments to examine the processes within northern lights. On the way up, twelve free-flying measuring units were released in different directions. These units are self-sufficient and landed with their parachute system. They were recovered a few hours later by helicopter, for data extraction.

The project is funded by Rymdstyrelsen (Swedish National Space Agency) within the Swedish national balloon and rocket program and is a scientific collaboration between Swedish and German institutes.

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Date of publication: 20 Feb 2020

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