A successful ROV day (Helmholtz Blogs)

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Published by Helmholtz Blogs
24 Feb 2020
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In the morning the alarm goes off. Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 8.30 am. Only half awake, I stumble into the breakfast hall, where you always receive a warm welcome from the friendly stewardesses. The breakfast menu offers everything the heart desires: from pancakes to scrambled eggs, to freshly baked rolls. And when you have a day on the ice ahead of you, you need every calorie. For me, an ROV day means having my lunch out on the ice. So I quickly pack my lunchbox and fill my thermos, then head for the winch room. Once there, it takes me about 10 minutes to put on all my polar gear: thermal underwear, thick socks, a fleece jumper, balaclava and parka, snow pants and snow boots. Then it’s finally time to go outdoors. Out on the working deck, the others are already waiting: our polar bear lookout and two additional members of the ICE Team. Before we can leave, we quickly check in with the gangway watch and the ship’s bridge, to make sure everyone knows where we’ll be.

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