2020 Biennial Meeting of the Parties

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Photo credit: Norway

Location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Date: 4-6 March 2020

Meeting Purpose: The Polar Bear Range States will meet to discuss the progress of the Circumpolar Action Plan, provide updates on domestic management and research and discuss other issues of importance to the cooperation under the Polar Bear Agreement ”

The adopted agenda for the meeting is available to download. Updated Mar 4
Annotated agenda here.
Condensed agenda here. Timetable as a separate document here.

Meeting documents
The meeting documents are available to download here.

Practical information, travel and VISA requirements

The meeting will take place from the early morning of March 4 to lunchtime of March 6 in order for participants to be able to book the flights out of Longyearbyen that same day (which depart at just after midday), as there are no other flights until March 8. There will be dedicated shuttle buses from the meeting to the airport for this purpose.

Visiting Svalbard itself does not require a VISA for any nationality. But flying to Svalbard via Norway you must enter Schengen (even if you have booked connecting flights). Some participants will need a Schengen-VISA (specifying two entries to Schengen, for travel both ways). A list of those who do not need a Schengen-VISA is found here: https://www.udi.no/en/word-definitions/persons-who-do-not-need-a-visa-to-visit-norway-/

Meeting participation
Delegations from the five Polar Bear Range States and their scientific advisory body PBSG, invited experts, approved observers and media representatives all participate in the meeting. If you are interested in applying to the Range States for approved observer status or if you would like to apply for media accreditation, please contact the Meeting Secretariat at pbamop2020@gmail.com. Applications for observer status must be received by January 10th. Please include a description of yourself or your organization, and your purpose for participating.

The registration for the meeting has closed.

Meeting Venue:
The meeting will take place at Funken Lodge Hotel.
Room reservations are at the same hotel. On arrival, you can take the airport bus to town – it stops at this hotel on request.

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