Exercise Cold Response will be conducted with some adjustments

Press release from the Norwegian Armed Forces

Due to the outbreak of corona virus in Norway a number of measures has been taken to avoid the spread of the virus.

The Norwegian Armed Forces are cooperating closely with Norwegian health authorities in order to minimise the risk of spreading the corona virus.

The exercise has been adjusted to the new situation, and the Norwegian Armed Forces is continuously assessing what measures should be taken to avoid the spread of the virus to its employees as well as the local population.

On the 8th of March the Finnish forces informed the Norwegian authorities that due to the Corona virus situation they will not participate in the exercise. This means that we have to continue to redesign the exercise and monitor the situation closely.

On Thursday the 5th of March it was discovered that a soldier in Skjold military camp tested positive for the Corona virus. As a consequence of this the military camp was locked down. This means that the soldiers were quarantines either in the camp or in their homes outside the camp. The Norwegian Army has also implemented other measures to avoid the virus from spreading inside the camp.

So far this is the only person who has tested positive on the corona virus. The Norwegian Armed Forces is continuously conducting tests on other personnel that are suspected of being infected.

The Norwegian Armed Forces is continuosly giving guidelines in Norwegian and English to all units participating in the exercise that they must follow to avoid the spread of infection. The Norwegian Joint Headquartarters has a routine of checking that the messages have been received and understood by everyone.

All the employees in the Norwegian Armed Forces has received information based on advice and guidance from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Armed Forces own experts.

You will find updated information about the corona virus on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health website.

Date of publication: 8 Mar 2020

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