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Photo: Dida G. Heilmann
Photo: Dida G. Heilmann

Are you an artist or culture creator and would you like to take part in Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2021 November 1st through 7th? We’re looking for artists, who would like to contribute to events, concepts, exhibitions, concerts, experiences or something else entirely for next year’s festival in Nuuk.

The theme for Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is Journey and the festival works within all the different means of expression including, but not limited to stage performance, gastronomy, music, visual art, architecture, litterature and so on. Does your band, your theatergroup, group of artists, you or your art-team or just you as a cultural creator want to be part of next year’s festival – and are you open to co-creating with fellow artists and cultural creators for a final product? Then we’re looking for you! Apply here!

The deadline for applications is November 6th 2020. You will reviece a response within 4 weeks after the deadline.

We look forward to hearing from you.

About Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a contemporary festival that deals with current challenges, questions and possibilitites.

The festival had its debut in 2015 and takes place every other year in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk. The aim of this festival is to strengthen the cultural bonds between Greenland and the nordic countries, and is owned by The Nordic Institute of Greenland (NAPA) and the municipality Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq. With experiences from three successful festivals (2015, 2017 and 2019) we are looking forward to a unique week with Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2021 where Nordic cooperation, co-creation and civic participation is at the forefront, and where we will also give space for an art and culture debate.

– Co-creation, nordic cooperation and civic participation makes up the core values for the festival, so having an open call for cultural creators is essential to us. We hope to reach artists from all over and recieve applications from the entirety of the nordic, project manager Jonas Nilsson says.

We want to form lasting bonds between Greenland and the rest of the nordic. We are comitted to showing how Greenland and the rest of the nordic countries can grow – together and by learning from each other.

Date of publication: 8 Oct 2020

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