A Turning Point in U.S. Arctic Policy? (U.S. Naval Institute Blog)

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Published by the U.S. Naval Institute Blog
2 Jan 2020
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U.S. strategy is clearly cemented towards great power competition, and while the world’s attention is focused on Russia and China, the Arctic has become an arena for potential competition that should not be overlooked. The 2017 National Security Strategy and the 2018 National Defense & Military strategies have turned a sharp eye towards Russia and China as near-peer competitors. Naturally, new strategies for the Arctic also have been promulgated. Will 2020 be a turning point for U.S. Arctic policy? To answer this question, let us examine the Department of Defense (DoD) Arctic Strategy, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Strategic Outlook for the Arctic, and the U.S. Coast Guard Arctic Strategic Outlook, all published in 2019.

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